While starting a new business can be overwhelming, building a strong social media following for that business doesn’t have to be.

Focus on one profile

Think quality over quantity. Which social network do you actually enjoy using? Start with that. You’ll find that you’ll be more consistent with you posts, and you’ll be spending less time learning the platform. Business owners often try to be everywhere at once, but focusing your energy on one platform will bring the best results.

Make sure your branding is consistent

Update your logo last year? Make sure all your profile photos and background images are congruent with your business’s current branding.

Tip: Stay away from seasonal or holiday themed profile and header photos. It’s great to setup multiple social networks in order to claim your name, but a snow filled banner with presents next to your logo might not look great in July.

Create content from the customer’s perspective

Not all content types work for all businesses. While a fitness and wellness store might have great success with inspirational quotes, they might send the wrong message for a tax preparation firm. A good content strategy balances value with advertising. Make sure you’re posting something a customer enjoys or finds useful BEFORE bumping your post linking to the sales page.


Keep it simple silly. It’s easy to go off the deep-end creating a complex content plan with testimonial videos, thousand word articles, and weekly giveaways, but it often leads to paralysis by analysis. Just make a goal to post once a week and build up from there.

Engage with your audience

Be sure to respond to positive reviews as well as negative. Engaging with customers in a professional and positive manner humanizes your profile. If there’s an issue that needs resolved, politely move the conversation into a private channel of communication (phone call, email, direct messages).

Tip: Posting a photo of a positive review is great for adding social proof to any profile. While some networks have their own review system, don’t be afraid to cross promote Google reviews on Facebook or Facebook reviews on twitter.